Warum  Qualitätsmanagement?

Most companies are small or medium-sized companies. These companies in particular face huge challenges, in order to survive on the market. To do this, they must:

  • meet the (growing) customer demands
  • expand and consolidate their cooperation with customers and suppliers
  • ensure and consolidate internal cooperation and the order flow and project phases
  • structure internal organisation and flow, so that they can quickly react to the changing market
  • requirements
  • have costs under control
  • reduce losses with minimal expenditure

The most effective means to meet these requirements is the implementation of a process-oriented quality management system. Depending on the products and/or the services provided as well as the legal requirements, different systems can be employed, as e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 13485, DIN EN ISO 17025, GCP, GLP, GMP, Total Quality Management.

Why is quality management important for your customer?

The quality of products/services is not only a problem of knowledge and academic integrity.
Quality management for products and/or services is always a question of responsibility for the product, product liability. Therefore, the core question is not an academic/scientific one, but an eminently commercial question. How can you as a manufacturer convincingly prove (if necessary, in court) that your statements on a product are tenable.

  • Proof of due diligence in the case of customer complaints and questions of liability
  • Neutral, internationally recognised proof of quality capability
  • Your customers' quality management system demands that only products/services from suppliers, who
  • also have a quality management system, are used
  • Retraceability of the development/results/data over a longer period of time
  • Creation of trust and reliability, which cannot be gained otherwise

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