The appointment of an external interim quality manager (quality manager for an indefinite period) in quality control gives you access to qualified personnel without having to bear the high internal costs. A highly qualified, experienced quality manager does not affect personnel costs, if he is appointed on the basis of a fixed-term consultancy contract.

A fixed-term allocation of a quality management position in your company can be of existential importance for you as a small or medium-sized company. Therefore, the appointment of an interim quality manager in quality control is expedient:

  • as a support in cases where more know-how is required
  • in special projects, e.g. customer audits, introduction of new products onto the market, expansion of production/services, new cooperations
  • in the introdution of a quality management system/certification plans
  • in small and medium-sized company/quality areas, which do not yet justify a permanent positio
  • as a stop-gap (e.g. until an internal quality manager has been trained, who can take over the duties).

The advantages for your company are:

  • Highly qualified expert knowledge - efficient and pragmatic transfer of know-how
  • Exclusively task-oriented interest
  • Temporally manageable and easily calculated costs
  • No ancillary wage costs - payment on a freelance basis
  • No "organisational blindness"
  • Cooperation can be terminated at any time, without a long term of notice having to be adhered to.

The following is regulated by contract:

  • Aims / Job description
  • Reports (to whom does he report, who reports to him?)
  • Contract period, number of working days, term of notice
  • Costs (e.g. monthly flat-rate or daily rate and expenses)
  • Non-disclosure and liability