Externer Qualitätsmanagement-Beauftragter
In addition to the time-limited internal apointee to a position in quality control, the designation of an external quality management apointee, i.e. the outsourcing of this task, is an expedient alternative - especially for small and medium-sized companies. This is especially true when the operating and cost structure would not allow for the appointment of a quality manager and/or your company would profit from external expert knowledge and competence.

In this case also, the advantages for your company are similar to those experienced on the designation of a time-limited apointee, the only difference being that the contractual obligation would be long-term.
The following duties and responsibilites could be taken on by the external quality management apointee:

  • Employee training: Training on the implementation of documentation, employee motivation, implementation of quality techniquesI
  • Internal audits: Planning, carrying-out and evaluation of internal audits, recommendations for correctional action, compilation of audit reports
  • Compilation of documentation: Quality management handbook(QMH), documented procedures (VAs), manufacturing instructions (SOPs) in the company's own design
  • Maintenance of the documentation: Compilation, updating and organisation of the documentation and supporting documents, such as QMH, Vas, SOPs, formulars etc..
  • Compilation of reports: Preparation of condensed quality reports for management review
  • Evaluation of complaints: Recognition and evaluation of complaints with statements on process optimisation